Benefits of Using StumbleUpon in Blogging

StumbleUpon in Blogging
StumbleUpon is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites. By StumbleUpon (short name - SU) you can share your interest or content of a blog/site with a lot of people. Blogging and StumbleUpon are greatly related to each other.

In this article I will explain about the benefits of using StumbleUpon in blogging.

Increase your blog’s traffic

A blogger is always worried of his blog’s traffic, specially, when he/she is a new blogger. Why do you make a post and publish on your blog/site? Of course it is for the people. Without traffic, your blog/site is dead. StumbleUpon is an effective way for this purpose. If you can use it correctly, it will make you happy with a huge traffic. StumbleUpon has a voting system.  More upvotes means your post will be exposed to more people and you will get more traffic. Another thing is that, for new bloggers, it is easier to get traffic than other social bookmarking sites.

Know about your post quality

You are working with your blog/site, but you don’t know whether your post quality good or bad. StumbleUpon will help you for this, if you submit your link there. If someone thinks, your post is good and helpful, you will get upvote. More upvotes means your post quality is good. If quality is bad, they can criticize in comment section, even they can give it a downvote. StumbleUpon members can also post reviews about a site/blog by which you can know what other are saying about your site/blog. Keep in mind that, if your site is not so good, you can get criticism easily. But, you should not be unhappy for that. Prepare yourself for that and take it as a challenge. You can also compare your 2 posts and know which types of posts they like most.

Compare your posts with your competitor

Suppose you have a blog about technology. You know that there are thousands of blog on same topic. To get benefit from your blog, you must compete with those blogs. But, how will you know your place in this competition? StumbleUpon is ready to help you. But, you may ask, “how?” When you submit a link on Su, you have to submit it in a category/interest and you also have to give few tags. Just find out how many upvotes other blogs get for same type of post. Compare it with your post. Try to find out, which things are missing in your post and why they are better than you. Many blogger thinks his post is the best one. But, when you will compare it with other blogs, you can know, you are wrong.

Increase earning

To be honest, if there were no way of earning money from blogging, there would not be millions of blogs. And to earn more, you need more traffic. By using StumbleUpon, you can easily increase your blog’s traffic and earn more from your blog’s earning source.

Easy to use

You can share your post with a lot of friends within a second. You just need 1 click for that. To make it easier, you can add StumbleUpon add-ons on your browser.

It is free

Interesting thing is that StumbleUpon will help for many purposes, but they will not take a penny from you.

Get traffic in legitimate way

When you get a huge benefit without costing money, you must ask, “Is it legal?” Yes, it is. There are a lot of site that can give you millions of pageviews, but, they are spam, not legal. You can get a huge traffic in legitimate way by StumbleUpon. So, you can use it without any doubt.

Increase pagerank and get search engine’s love

All want organic traffic or traffic from search engine. Nothing can give you massive traffic like search engine. But, it is not so easy. Your post must be on first or second page of search results which is very difficult. If you are a new blogger, go to and do a search using a word of a post title from your blog. Maybe you can not see your blog easily. If you want to see your site/blog in the first page of a search results, you need a good pagerank from google. StumbleUpon is going to help you to increase your site/ blog’s pagerank and bring your site/blog on the first page of search results through backlinks system.

Meet the people like yourself using StumbleDNA

Another unique and one of the most interesting features of StumbleUpon is StumbleDNA. In every user’s profile, you can see a colourful bar. This bar indicates which interest the user stumble or likes more. It is shown in percent. Suppose you have liked or, stumbled 10 interests. 6 of them are about health, 3 are about science and 1 is about sports. In this case, your StumbleDNA is Health 60%, Science 30% and Sports 10%. But, how this can help you? If your blog is about health, find those people whose health StumbleDNA is more and try to get connected with them. Follow them and like their links. They will like your link, too.

Analyze the incoming traffic to your site

You can analyse the incoming traffic to your site by StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon refers traffic to your site. When you will get traffic from one source, it is easy to compare incoming traffic’s graph, pageviews and bounce rate of each post.

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