How to Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

Google Search Console or, Google Webmaster Tools is important for SEO (search engine optimization). Simply speeking, Submitting blog to Google Search Console is the method to show your blog to Google search. Only after that, your blog's will appear on search result. 

You have to follow 2 steps to submit blogger sitemap To Google Search Console or, Google Webmaster Tools. Also, submit your blogger sitemap to Bing webmaster tools and yahoo search. You can follow this-

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

You have to follow 2 steps to submit blogger sitemap To Google Search Console or, Google Webmaster Tools.

Step - 1

Submitting Blog to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)

Submit blog to Google Search Console

Add a property to google search console

For first time users-
After signing in to webmaster tools, you will see the upper page (Homepage). Select "Website" and type your blog or website's URL/address in the blank field. Then, click on "ADD A PROPERTY".

Add a property to google webmaster

For other users-
Your "Homepage" will look like this. You have to click on "ADD A PROPERTY" and following box will appear.

Add a site to google webmaster

Select "Website" and type your website or blog's URL/address in the blank field. Then, click on "ADD "

Google Webmaster site Verification 

From the next page (Search console) you have to verify your blog/site's ownership. Select HTML tag.
Site Verification for search console using html tag

It will give you a meta tag (Red underline in the upper image). Select and copy the line/meta tag. 
You can see a "Verify" button below. but, don't click on it now. Don't close this page/tab, too. The reason is you have to paste the copied line/meta tag into your site/blog's homepage. Then, you can click on "Verify".

Blogger Theme edit html

Keeping the tab of the webmaster, open a new tab on your browser and go to your blog's dashboard. Select ''Theme" and click on ''Backup/Restore". We have to back up your theme to prevent unwanted damage.

Blogger template backup

From next box, click on "Download theme".
Now, click on ''Edit HTML". Following box will appear.

Add google webmaster verification tag in blogger

You can see many codes marking 1,2... Put our mouse pointer inside those coding and click left on mouse one time. Now press "Ctrl+F". A search box will appear. Inside search box type <head>. You will find a yellow marked head tag section (see image). Below this head tag (marked by an arrow), paste the meta tag (copied earlier or, copy again from webmaster tab).

Then, Click on "Preview theme". If your blog takes load successfully, click on "Save theme" button.

5. Open browser's webmaster tab again and click on "Verify". Then you will get following notification-

Search console verification message

Step - 2

Submitting Sitemap to Google Search Console or, Google Webmaster Tools

1. Sign in to your Google Search Console or, Webmaster Tools account, if you aren't signed in. 

Google search console sitemap

2. At the left side, click on "Crawl". Then, click on "Sitemaps".

3. Now, you can see the following box.
add sitemap to google search console

Copy the below code and paste it into the text field (marked by red underline). 

If you have less than 500 posts, use the above code.

If you have more than 500 blog posts, you have to use below code.

Then, click on "Submit". The following notification will appear.

Sitemap submitted message on Google Webmaster

When you will click on, "Sitemaps", you can see submitted sitemaps list. Now, you will see a 'Pending" index status. 

Site indexed status on google  search console

Crawler bot will visit or, crawl your blog and index your posts. Then, the pending status will be removed. After that, your blog will be visible in Google Search.

Before your first post, complete all steps i mentioned above. Then, go to-
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