How to add Meta Tag, Search description to blogger post

How to add Meta Tag, Search description to blogger post

Meta Tag/ Search description is important for SEO. Search engine reads the texts and understand the post and rank it on search. I call it the legs of a human without which he/she can't walk. Meta Tag/ Search description is just like that for a post.

Also, you have to optimize your blog's images and post title for SEO. So, follow this-

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Step 1

1. First of all, sign in to your blogger account, and select the blog which you want to edit.


From the left side of the dashboard, go to "Search preference" > "Settings". Then, look for "Description" under "Meta tags" option and click on "Edit".

3. Now you will see two checkboxes(see image below). 

 Check the "Yes" box to Enable search description. A blank field will appear. 

Type "Meta tags" for your blog in 150 characters. Then, click on "Save changes"

Step 2 Search description in blog post

Before starting this steps, you must complete steps explained above. Otherwise, you will not get Search description option in the post editor.

1. Go to your blog dashboard and, click on "Posts". Now, select a post or, create a new post to add a search description.

2. Now, see below picture and, follow the steps

Here you can see that, you have to click on "Post settings". Then, click on "Search description". 

A blank field will appear. Type the search description in 150-160 characters in the field, and click on "Done". Now, "Save" or, "Update" or, "Publish" your post.

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