How to Add Facebook Like box to Blogger Blog

If you had read my previous post, you would know why and how to retain visitors to blog. In that article, I told you how to retain your visitors to your blog via Email or rss feed which is 1st method between the two. 2nd method is retaining visitors to your blog via social networking such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc. In this article, you will know how to keep your visitors coming back to your blog by help of Facebook fan page.

Add Facebook Like box to Blogger Blog

Why you should add Facebook Like Box to blogger blog

Personally I prefer retaining visitors to blog through Facebook fan page. Day by day number of Facebook users is increasing rapidly. To realize it just look at your friends, or even you. They pass more time in Facebook than email. So it’s easy to tell your visitors about your blog though Facebook. They can also stay connected with your blog through Facebook just like Email subscription method. As Facebook is becoming more popular day by day, they like this method more than Email subscription. It's much easier than Email subscription because they only have to click a "Like" button in your blog's Facebook fan page. This is similar to other Facebook pages or groups.

How Facebook Like Box works

In this method, you have to create a Facebook fan page for your blog and show it on your blog. When your audience see a Facebook fan page's "Like" button, they will click on it. Just like other Facebook pages or groups, they will get notifications, when you post something on your fan page. They will also be able to see that post in their news feed. But to do so, you have to share the link of your post on your fan page and immediately they will get a notification. That means when they check this notification, they may visit your site through that link. And if their Facebook account is connected to their email, they will also get an email for your fan page post.

There is another advantage of using a Facebook fan page. Even when you don't publish new content in your blog, you can keep your audience busy through your Facebook fan page. You can simply post funny stuffs in your page or ask them which type of articles they expect from you and how much they like your articles. Just enjoy some moments with them. In this way they will come close to you and they will like your articles more.

But don't forget one thing. Don't act like blog publicity is everything to you. Just be friendly sometimes. Don't do anything which irritates people. Don't share same link multiple times in your fan page. It's called spamming which is bad for search engine ranking.

What you have to do

  1. First of all you have to create a Facebook fan page.
  2. The, you have to create your Facebook Like Box and take the HTML code.
  3. Using the code, you have to put a Facebook like box on your blog sidebar.

How to Add Facebook Like box to Blogger Blog 

Step by Step

Step 1
I will discuss about how to create a Facebook fan page in another post. It is not very hard. Just like other Facebook Page, you have to create a page for your blog/site.

Step 2
  • Now from left side bar select “Page plugin”. Now, you can see few blank fields. You have to change the settings. You can look at my settings from following image.

  • Remove URL from Facebook Page URL field. Copy your Facebook Fan Page URL and Paste it here. To get fan page URL, open your Facebook Fan Page. Now check address bar of your browser. It is fan page’s URL. Copy it.
  • From here you can also adjust your like box’s width and height. You can also see preview in this page. You can see “timeline” text under “Tabs” section. It will show your fan page’s timeline in your like box. If you don’t want to show timeline, remove “timeline” text. You can also change other options such as Use Small Header, Hide Cover Photo and Show Friend's Faces.
  • Once you have finalized your all settings, click on the “Get Code” button. You can see a box with 2 types of code option: Javascript SDK and IFrame. 

  • We need IFrame code. So, select “IFrame” tab and copy the given code.

Step 3
  • Now, “log in” to your blogger account and go to “Layout” section. In right sidebar, click “Add a Gadget”.

  • A Pop-up window will appear. Scroll down and select “HTML/JavaScript”.

  • Paste the code (copied from step 2) in content section of empty HTML/JavaScript box and click “Save”.

  • Now Visit your blog and see how it looks like.

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